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Andrew is an experienced, knowledgeable trainer and coach who is working with different people since nine years. What he helps you in gaining at his gym is Lose body fat and tone Run faster and better with less pain, Grow muscle and bulk, Improve sport performance, Reduce pain and fear of painful movement, Improve strength (and speed), Improve flexibility, mobility and balance. Apart from this he is the coach who listen to you, gives you expert guidance on diet, exercise and lifestyle. He also motivates you to be feel confident in yourself and your abilities. He believes in having fun with lasting results.

5 muscle building tips for skinny individuals with AKDPT

Here are the same of the great ways that helps you get rid of the all the trolls, besides getting you those beefy muscles that you always dreamt of. For more information on muscle gaining tips and tricks, visit https://www.akdpt.com/


You might have been trolled innumerable times for being too skinny or might have lost a lot of women to machos. But before you hit the lows of life and give up on muscles, you must give one last chance and read through few of these simple yet effective tips on how to gain excellent results and get beefier.



Despite having Best Personal Fitness Trainer San Francisco CA and Best Personal Trainer SF people are still not very cautious of their health.Yes, it’s possible. You too can build muscles. No, we aren’t joking, here is how you can do it.


  • Maximization of muscle building

One big mantra is, the more your body is able to retain protein through the process of the protein synthesis, the better you would get at building beefy muscles. But your body is instead using the stored proteins for some other purpose, thus leaving out insufficient amount for protein building.


So get on to consume new proteins faster than the body’s process of old protein breaking.


  • Gorge on meat

Aim for about 1 gm of meat per pound of your body mass each day, which is usually the maximum amount the body exhausts in a day.


  • More of eating

Not only sufficient protein, but you also need to consume more of calories.


  • Say yes to Ice-Cream

Have one bowl of ice-cream post 2 hours of your workout. Studies report, those ice-creams gives rise to insulin than most other foods



  • Milk is good

Eat a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates 30 minutes prior to your bedtime. That way, the calories would stick on to your body and lower the protein breakdown in your muscles. Try for raisin bran with a big cup of skimmed milk accompanied with a fruit bowl.

Source: http://www.akdpt.com